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You'll find greater freedom here to choose where you live, your leisure activities and how you work. You'll also find the support and resources you need to enrich your life and reach your potential. You can also see how our technology, people and strategic location make the Saint John region an ideal place to locate your business. Go here for more information.



Our community is vibrant and the real estate market is too, surpassing national growth in both new home construction and the resale market. Prices are very affordable, so you can own your home without it owning you.


You can build your career on your terms in Saint John.  Our business community is friendly, so you can quickly make valuable connections and leads by networking in your everyday life.  And our wide array of leading edge and international companies offers you a wealth of well-salaried career options.


So what can you do and see in Saint John?

Enough to tempt you to visit again soon, or make your stay a permanent one.


Saint John has made education a priority, to provide children and adults alike with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing, technologically advanced world.


In Saint John we are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for you and your family. That's why we invest in quality community programs, resources and organizations where you can volunteer and participate in other ways, helping us in meeting these goals.


From local to world cuisine, from cozy bistros to five-star dining experiences, our restaurants offer something to please every palette. There are even a few Maritime twists to tempt your taste buds such as dulse-flaked chowder and a fiddlehead martini.  It's all delicious, and it's just a taste of what life in Saint John has to offer.