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Liz Long - Many Languages Means Many Opportunities

Liz Long immigrated to Canada from Belgium in 1998.  Since then she and her family have enjoyed a rich life in the Saint John Community through work, school, volunteering and social activities.

Michele Brideau - No Price for Peace of Mind

Five years ago Michele Brideau was a single mom living in Montreal.  But something wasn’t working for Michele – she was getting sick and tired of the line-ups, the traffic and the frenetic pace.  She was constantly worrying about her daughter’s safety.  Suddenly she realized that she was living with a lot of stress, and in a light bulb moment she realized “There had to be a better way to live.”


Sasha Sealy - Coming Home to Help

With almost every jurisdiction in Canada screaming for medical staff, it seems physicians are some of the only professionals out there who have ultimate choice in where they work and live.  So what makes one choose Saint John, NB?  Ask Sasha Sealy, a second year Family Medicine Resident at the Saint John Regional Hospital.



Dr. Thierry Chopin - University of New Brunswick

Dr. Thierry Chopin was born and educated in France. He obtained his Doctorate from the University of Western Brittany, Brest, France.  He moved to Canada in 1989 and is presently Professor in the Biology Department at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John.

Tamara Steele - Acadia Broadcasting

Sometimes finding a job just to pay the bills is difficult enough.  All too often, finding a job that’s also fun and personally fulfilling is just a pipe dream.  Not to Tamara Steele, the mid-day host with CHSJ Country 94.1fm in Saint John.


The Highlands of Drury Cove

Up a winding road where the shimmer of water sparkles amid the branches of the native forest and huge moss-covered boulders, you are heading home to your own private piece of paradise on the Kennebecasis River.  This is the Highlands of Drury Cove, a neighbourhood development that celebrates nature, and the brainchild of partners Scott MacDonald and Mac Blair.

Uptown Urban Loft Living

As the historic community centre of commerce and trade, Uptown Saint John is filled with beautiful brick and stone heritage buildings – some dating back past the great fire of 1877.  126 Germain St. is one of these beautiful survivors.  Clad in warm brick, the structure rises a full four stories and is graced with high arched windows and pediments that are unique to each floor.